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CannabiDose - Redefining cannabinoid delivery 

CannabiDose - Redefining cannabinoid delivery 

Different innovative dispensing technologies for releasing measured doses of Medical Cannabis (different consistencies such as liquid or gel etc.):

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Option 1: Unique Drug Delivery Dispenser with Replaceable Pouch. The CannabiDose Technology offers state-of-the-art oral delivery systems for medical cannabis-based products: oils, liquids, ointments. When accurate dosage is required, the CannabiDose Technology sets itself apart from all other solutions.
Our “fill & seal” ready pouches provide the manufacturer with a simple to implement, scalable and individualized product. 


  • Accurate dosages give customers the confidence that each pump dose is controlled and consistent.
  • The unique design ensures that every last drop is delivered with no residual.
  • The convenience of a take anywhere, plastic, sealed, and reusable design.
CannabiDose - Redefining cannabinoid delivery 

Option 2: Continuous Drug-Delivery Aerosol Dispenser (gas-free)


  • Gas-free filling of the aerosol
  • Eliminates the need for gas-filling regulation, simpler process
  • Wide variety of available packaging materials
  • Continuous dispensing

Continuous Drug-Delivery Aerosol Dispenser (gas-free)

Option 3: Unique Drug-Delivery Blister Dispenser


  • Mechanism to enable single blister use
  • Technology keeps blisters sealed and content fresh
  • Known packaging solution adapted for drug-delivery

Unique Drug-Delivery Blister Dispenser

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