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SOLDEL - Soluble delivery platform


SOLDEL is a state of the art soluble film technology that enables powdered medicines (or other dry components) to be applied directly to the target body area, becoming active with ...

Double blister pouch with unique break-point

DOUBLE BLISTER POUCH with unique break-point

Unique medical grade customizable pouches, for complex materials / drug storage and prolonged shelf life. Optimized for compounds which need to be mixed close to the point of use.

Sterile Liquid Dispenser


The Sterile Liquid Dispenser provides an innovative measured liquid dispensing mechanism (patented) for protecting the sterility of liquid contents also after the first use. 

Flexible large area bandage application

FLEXIBLE large area BANDAGE application

Flexible bandage application film in a unique and innovative dispenser. The technology enables bandage of large areas, and also in areas that are challenging for bandage such as ab...

Thermoplastic Skin Patches

Thermoplastic SKIN PATCHES

Innovative Thermoplastic Skin Patches, applied to the skin for multiple applications such as neuromodulation devices and health indicators.

MDI inhaler auto-trigger development

MDI inhaler auto-trigger development

Pressurized metered-dose inhaler (pMDI) designed for the pulmonary delivery of respiratory and systemic drug therapies. This unique inhaler mechanism surpasses regular MDI’s by e...

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