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SOLDEL - Soluble delivery platform

SOLDEL is developing a state of the art soluble film technology that allows dry drugs to be delivered to target area and treat traumatic hemorrhage immediately upon contact with the bleeding liquids. Simplicity of use and intuitive device for none professional and medical stuff are key factors.

SOLDEL's Chief medical officer is DR. ARİK EİZENKRAFT: Combat physician, Deputy Director of Military Medicine, Chief Medical Officer Research Institute at the Hebrew University, Head of the medical branch for the assistant to the minister of defense.


Traumatic hemorrhage drug delivery in soluble pouch. Inserting clotting drugs into SOLDEL blood-soluble pouches, in combination with other pouches containing anti-bacterial drugs, antiseptics and more, has an immediate effect on the wound and stops bleeding. The material, structure and architecture of the drug delivery platform has major impact on the simplicity of applying and the immediate effect.

SOLDEL's technology is patent pending.

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SOLDEL - The Soluble Delivery Platform
SOLDEL - The Soluble Delivery Platform


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