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Plastart Medical Team


We founded Plastart Medical with the understanding that our combined experience and expertise, enables us to present a unique offering of innovative and cost effective thermoplastic solutions to our customers in the medical, life-science and lifestyle markets.

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Rami Doron
Rami Doron

RAMI DORON  |  CEO & Partner

Mr. Rami Doron, previously CEO of Sapiens Decision and earlier COO of Sapiens and TTI Telecom, joined Plastart Medical as Partner and CEO on July 2017. Rami brings vast experience in International Sales & Business Development. He was one of the founders of TTI Telecom, where he led the professional services, R&D and sales-to-previous-customers units for twelve years. As part of his responsibilities, he managed product development, including delivery, maintenance and support. Before helping to found TTI, Rami led the software division at TEAM Computers Ltd. for eight years. He has a degree in Software Engineering from Hadassah College and studied management at Bar-Ilan University.


Sagi Slutski
Sagi Slutski

SAGI SLUTSKI  |  CTO & Partner

Over 10 years' experience in thermoplastic industry research & development. CTO at Plastart Medical, CEO at Plastart Ltd. (sister company), CTO of the Niroplast JV, Previously General Manager of the seed company RolleRoof (in the OCS Nursery in Katzerin), Research and Development Manager PMP Technologies, leading multiple packaging innovation projects, under the OCS (Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel). 


Haim Weiss
Haim Weiss

HAIM WEISS  |  CMO & Partner

Over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and management in the Israeli and in international markets . Managed the sales and marketing arm of Kedem Chemicals, established and managed the JV PMP Technologies, and the Tznobar Consulting agency. President of Plastart, CEO of Niroplast partnership and Chief Marketing Officer of Plastart-medical.


Amnon Slutski

AMNON SLUTSKI  |  Head of Technology & Innovation

Over 30 years of experience in product development in the thermoplastic industry. Vast unique expertise in materials, processing and technology innovation. Named several patents in film extrusion and thermoplastic products. In recent years led various innovative plastic packaging developments.


Shmulik Yogev

In loving memory of SHMULIK YOGEV, one of PlastART Medical's founders and partners

Shmulik joined PlastART Medical as one of the company's founders and partners in 2016, after 30 years in the hi-tech industry, most recently as Sales Management Director at Amdocs. 

Shmulik passed away in February 2018, his legacy and spirit will live on in all that we do.

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