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Our feasibility center specializes in quick turnaround of prototype fabrication and sample-batch production, combining our in-house resources with long standing collaboration with raw materials, film production and machinery providers around the world. 

We support each project with:

Raw materials selection, collaborating with manufacturers around the world for high quality materials and compounds, including medical grade and special compounds with unique qualities such as antiviral and antibacterial.

Multilayer film structuring, structuring the layers to accommodate the application needs, collaborating with local and international film manufacturers to produce initial sample quantities for feasibility testing. 

Fabricating prototypes, our feasibility center specializes in quick turnaround from concept to prototype, producing initial samples for feasibility testing and then manufacturing sample-batch quantities for product approval testing.

We accompany the project also through the transition to mass production, with adaptation of machinery and scaling from dev environment to full production capabilities.​

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